Sunday, March 9, 2014

Seek and Be Sought!

As human beings we all have needs, wants and desires. When we feel hungry we eat food (some of us eat even when not hungry!), we go to sleep when we feel tired and sleepy, we drink water when thirsty. This is something no one can deny. We all fulfill our needs and desires whenever we feel the urge and the necessity to do so. 
Let us turn to those needs that are not in our direct control. We give our exams and then wait for the result because result is not in our control. We hope and pray that we get a good result. Although we all know that result is not in our hands still we strive to do the exam well, we prepare well and do hard work for best result. Why do we do that? We want to achieve something and we know that until and unless we study we won't get the desired result. It will be too silly for us to just sit back relax and still expect to pass with flying colors! We do not want to take chances. We want to have that desired thing and so we strive toward it.
Now to drive my point home, when we expect happiness, comfort, success, health, wealth and much more we strive in that way. Somethings in this journey are under our control so we do it. Somethings that we know we have no control over we leave to God. But the main point here is that when we do not strive in the way of pleasing God and doing what He asks us to do then how can we expect to get all that we desire in life. We know that God has all the power and He only can work out the things for us then how can we expect His blessings by doing exactly the opposite or the things that we know would displease Him! First we must know what displeases Allah and then we should try avoiding that. If we are engaged in things that have been mentioned in the Quran explicitly as displeasing to Allah or mentioned in the Hadeeth that they incur the curse of Allah we should be cautious regarding them. We do all that conveniently and knowingly and still expect Allah to answer all our prayers! Allah is indeed most Merciful that is why He is providing us all that we do not even deserve because of our disobedience and persistence in ignorance. If He is to punish us for each of our sins we would be dead by now! Allah is oft forgiving and Most appreciative. The servants just need to realize that what He has asked us to do is for our own good. Allah wants guidance for us. He wants ease for us. He wants to bestow His mercy on us. Are there any takers? Are we the seekers? He is bestowing even when we are not obeying Him like we should be. How would it be if we seek His Pleasure, His Mercy and His Bounties and He will seek us, hold us and keep us under His Shade!! Allah gives guidance, wisdom and Truth to those who seek them. Seek the Truth and the Truth shall seek you! Hold fast to Allah, His Messenger and His Book and He will make you His friend! He will seek to solve all your problems, worries and take away all your pain. You will witness this in this world before your eyes! Trust Allah and strive to seek His Pleasure. Abstain from all those things that have been mentioned as displeasing to Allah: shirk, disobedience to parents, magic, false testimony, theft, lying, cheating, breaking promises, breaking relationships, abusing others, changing the creation of Allah (plucking eyebrows etc), abandoning prayers, and many other acts which we indulge in unknowingly while they are grave sins and cursed by Allah and His Messenger and the Angels as well. How will a person doing any of these acts of disobedience and he does not realize and repent can expect Allah to grant Him all that he asks for and all that he desires in Life?
Know Allah and His Deen and try your best to follow it in a balanced way and you will attain all the happiness of this world and the Hereafter, In sha Allah. 

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