Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Usually people go according to the norms of the society, the trending and the in-things. They are so governed by all that is happening around them that they sometimes do not take even a minute to decide whether what they are doing is actually good for them or not. What all the others are doing is 'normal' in their eyes and going against it is like going against the 'norm'. 
The question is, who decides what is normal and what is not?
Sometimes things that are completely acceptable and normal in one culture are totally abhorred and disliked in the other. But whether we belong to one culture or the other some things always are right and wrong. There are some grey shades where you need to use your intellect and insight to decide what is good and bad for you.
Following some age-old traditions, or newest fashions without thinking is by no means intelligent.
If something is being done by all or most of the people it is not a guarantee for it to be correct. The crowd might be going in the wrong direction! By following such a crowd we too might end up in the ditch of hurt, loss or failure. Before imitating or following something a sound minded person will always think about the pros and cons of it.
"Normal" is actually not normal for everyone. Those who do things with ease, even the bad things, might find no problem in doing it. But those who just follow others and imitate their ways thinking them to be 'normal' just because such things are being done with ease might not be able to have their cake and eat it too..they will suffer the consequences of blind following.

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