Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Table Spread (Al Maidah) Chapter 5 Al Quran

This Chapter is unique in it's own way because it has laid down for us the clear distinctions and rulings regarding the prohibited matters especially with regard to food and drink. 
Al Maidah or the Table Spread is a beautiful chapter of the Quran which was revealed in Madinah and some of it's parts were revealed in Makkah. It was revealed after Surah Al Fath.
This chapter is also regarded as the chapter of men while Surah an Nisa is the chapter of women. 
This Chapter of the Quran was revealed in the end times of the Revelation and the 3rd verse is the last to be revealed. 
This day I have perfected for you your religion and completed on you My Favor and have chosen for you Islam as your religion. 

The rulings in this chapter are established and a Muslim should abide by them. 
When in any chapter of the Quran the verse starts with the words "O you who believe..." it is addressed to all the believers. In that verse either the believers are asked to do something good or they are stopped from some wrong.
In the beginning verses of this chapter (Al Maidah) we are addressed as "o you who believe..." and are asked to keep the promises. As the verse proceeds the believers are first told about the permissible things for eating and then they are told to respect the signs of Allah. Believers are told not to help in the matters of transgression and sin. 
The believers are also given clear understanding about all the non-permissible things for eating. 
The third verse specifically is of great importance as it tells us that Allah has chosen none but Islam as the only Religion or way of life for us!
The culture of Islam is unique from others. Islam has it's own identity which can not be mistaken for any other religion or culture.
There is no compromise in the prohibited matters as they have been made very clear in the Quran.
This chapter in it's beginning verses is also very important for learning the rulings regarding what food is permissible or prohibited for us. This is a great way to teach our children directly from the Quran and tell them that Islam is complete and perfect and it has no room for any changes or innovations.
Beautiful Chapter...beautiful beginning, beautiful end! 
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