Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Women: A Chapter of Mercy!

'The Women' is a chapter in the Quran which is comprehensive and full of wisdom and logic. It mostly deals with the issues of women therefore it is named in honor of the women. This chapter is also called the chapter of mercy and justice because here Allah Himself sets the Laws of Inheritance and guides us in the issues related to women, orphans and the poor. 
  • The issues of inheritance are dictated and set by Allah Himself so that we are not confused and doubtful regarding them.
  • The knowledge and wisdom of Allah is unlimited hence His Laws are based on them even if we are unable to grasp them in the first instance.
  • His decisions and rulings are based on Justice. 
  • The rights of inheritance, the rights of women and the rights and duties of men are all explained in this chapter.
  • This Surah was revealed after Surah al Mujadilah.
  • This Surah or Chapter is also called the Chapter of Justice and Mercy.
  • In the Chapter of 'The Cow' Surah Al Baqarah explains the purpose of the existence of The Muslim Ummah.
  • The Chapter 'Family of Imran' dealt with stability and focus. 
  • Now in this Surah the issues regarding the orphans, slaves, inheritors and the rights of women are dealt with. 
  • The home is like a dynasty, justice and care about the rights of those under your supervision is necessary for the smooth running and efficient planning. The Men are the guardians of the family. They are being given the responsibility to take care of their wives and children with justice. Women are responsible for the affairs of the homemaking and raising of good children with the love and support of their husbands.
  • When the rules of Justice are not applied the family unit is affected.
  • In this chapter 'the women', the 'muharramaat' or those things which are prohibited in case of marriage are also mentioned.
  • We are taught, here in this surah, not to cheat on the things which have been given in your custody, 'the amaanahs'. 
  • The Justice is emphasized so much so that it should be done with one's own self, 'the nafs'.
  • Also, the hypocrites are mentioned in this chapter.
The lessons which can be derived from this chapter devoted to women in the Quran can be summarized as follows: 
  1.  Read, understand and apply the Quran in your practical life.
  2. Avoid exaggeration in all areas of life. Do not do excess in religious matters. Tread a middle course in all things just keeping in mind the lawful and the unlawful matters. Keep a balance in your religion. 
  3. Make the Quran your Criterion for judging things or for gaining knowledge about Islam. Take help from Hadeeth if you want to understand things more deeply.
  4. The importance of 'fardh' is far more important than any other voluntary acts. First make your obligatory duties perfect and regular then take care of your 'nawafil' or voluntary duties.
  5. Prioritize things in life according to their importance and value in the light of Quran, sunnah and Aakhirah. 
  6. It is the duty of men to earn, handle and be responsible for the matters of money for the household expenses and the needs of his family. The woman must not worry unnecessarily for these matters. 

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