Thursday, April 3, 2014

Just Around the Corner

They are playing hide and seek. The first one has to run around the streets, lanes and by-lanes, cross-roads and junctions and go about the place anywhere. 
The second one is supposed to hide somewhere in any of these areas and show up at any corner of the street suddenly. 
As soon as the second hiding playmate finds the first one at any point the game is over for the first one. She will lose and the second one will be the winner. 
The first one just keeps on taking the tour of the place and during the game she forgets that her playmate will come by at any point and catch her. 
For a while during her running around and touring in the game she forgets about the partner and enjoys her journey around the lanes and by-lanes. 
At some place she finds beautiful flowers so she stops by and smells them. At the other corner she finds an ice-cream cart and she buys one for herself and enjoys it. 
Then she moves on and finds new places to discover and gets fascinated by the buildings, beautiful houses and graffiti on the walls. 
Now she has completely forgotten that she was in a game! 
She hops around, jumping and running and singing to herself. 
At one point as she turns around the corner of a street she finds her playmate standing there...! She says to her,"Gotcha!" 
And this one is taken by surprise! She can not do anything now. 
She has lost the game. 
She goes with her mate silently. 
The first one is named Life and the second "Death". 
Yes, death is just around the corner. 
We better be prepared before it takes us by surprise. 
We should not forget the end of the game while being in it. 
The game will be lost one day. The fun will not go with you but the endeavor will. 

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