Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Keeping busy.

The secret is keeping busy doing constructive and beneficial things.
Keeping busy has lots of advantages. A person who keeps herself occupied has no time to waste. She has no time for over thinking and taking tension. It is a great blessing in the sense that she does not bother about the negativity in life. 
When one keeps busy with some or the other work that she likes and loves to do she does not have time to needlessly think about others. She has all the things around her but she just does not have spare time to brood over unnecessary things in life. When we keep busy with things we do not pay much attention to the views and opinions of others about us. sometimes those views harm us in the way that they hurt and discourage us. But if a person is too busy she will not have enough time to think over what others said about her or what somebody did to her which made her feel bad. She remembers everything but as she is busy she is not getting time for all these things which is a good sign. 
Keeping busy and loving what we do is very important to lead a happy and contented life. Each of us should be working toward a focus and purpose in life. Nobody runs aimlessly without direction. There should be a direction, an aim and a set of priorities to get the focus on. The purpose or direction itself is the driving force or motivation for any person's meaningful life. 
So, set a target, find your priorities, work toward it daily and keep yourself busy. 

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