Saturday, April 19, 2014


Parents are like a tree with a dense shade. They protect you, make you feel secure and comfortable.
Even when they are not around they have left the warmth and values with you which keep you strong and well placed. 
As long as they are alive we must take good care of them and respect them. We might find the changes in them as they grow old in the form of them being a little impatient or irritable but we must understand that they have become like children again in this frail age. 
As they were cheerful and patient with us when we were small and made numerous demands we should try our best to be a little forbearing and patient with them.
God loves those who are obedient and kind to their parents. 
Let us put our best in taking care of our parents if they are with us and if they have passed away, the best thing we can do now is do make lots of prayers for them and give in charity so that God keep showering His blessings on them.
Keep your duty and be patient with them especially in their old age. 

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