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Guests are a blessing!

When guests come to a home the whole environment comes lively. Every thing seems to welcome them. Even the inanimate things seem to have an association with the guest. You try to put things into their places, clean, dust and make arrangements. The otherwise normal and static routine just comes alive with the mere mention of a guest. You try to see that every corner of your home is in order. You take out your best things in store to make the house more welcoming and appealing to the guests. Why is this so? 
The reason is that the guests bring with them the blessings. They bring with them happiness and some bonding which makes you feel owned, liked and worthy. 
They make you feel that they trust you. Guests are people who come to make you realize that for them you are important. They care to meet you and spend time with you. 
Think about their arrival makes everyone gestures of welcome and thankfulness.
Whether they stay with you for a while or some more still your hom…