Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Muslimah Speaks....

The Muslimah Speaks; Her Voice, Her Spirit 

is a collection of beautiful, heart touching poetry by Muslim Women from around the world. They have expressed their feelings on various topics from worship, life, Islam, Hijab, rights of women and various others.

It is enlightening and inspiring to read the Poetic expressions straight from the heart of the most misunderstood and underestimated women of the world...the Muslimahs. 

The are powerful, graceful, talented, modest, well equipped with their rights to express, choose or decline. They have a mind of their own and a heart full of love, devotion and trust in their Lord, The Almighty Allah. They know their roles as mothers, daughters and wives. They have a heavy responsibility to contribute to the society through their strengths of Eman, Ihsan and Islam. They make the world a better place by working on the guidelines of Islam and adopting a life which is loved by Allah...the life of obedience and devotion.

They represent the modest, peace-loving and productive part of a society which is built on values and hard work.

Read their thoughts and feelings and get a glimpse of what morals and standards the Muslimahs reflect! What they speak and what is their substance ! 
Have a look and get enlightened and inspired. 

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

She is after me...


She is always after me. She spies on me and never leaves me alone. She doesn't let me sit in peace...always being critical, always admonishing...I am never free from her constant watch. She inspects me and tries to find out everything about me. I don't feel comfortable with her always around me. But she is not ready to leave me. I can not get rid of her either. She stays with me and we are inseparable. She nags me for being lazy, for doing things the wrong way and even for thinking in a negative manner! 

Although I do not like her constant monitoring over me, I can not do without her. She has to be with me and I actually need her critique and advice. I simply can not do without her.
I do not like her because she doesn't let me live in a carefree manner, she doesn't let me waste my time as I please, she doesn't let me abandon my duties and when I behave badly she gets even more strict. 
If she goes away and leaves me alone I will not exist any more. I keep on doing the tough things and the things that I do not feel like doing just because of her. She gets me to do things that matter to me the most and are in my favor but sometimes such things call for hard work, giving up sleep, getting up and going and just doing the action. She is always after me to improve myself and never likes it when I lag behind or feel sluggish. 
I can not but let her do her will even if she doesn't let me live in ease and comfort, joy and playfulness and enjoyment and irresponsible attitude. She wants to see me keep on struggling and working toward a better me though I have fallen many many times and she has seen it herself. But she believes in me. She wants me not to give up and wants me to keep going till the end...till the time when she leaves me but still does not...she will leave but will again take me with her...
I will be with her where ever she goes...
she is my inner voice...
my conscience...
the 'me' which needs to be under constant watch and scrutiny and it is best for me I know.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Where have they gone?

I used to be with them, talk and laugh with them, and they were a part of my life...they are no more now.
My parents whom I used to love and look up to for each and every thing in life..they are no more now.
My loved ones, my relatives and neighbors, school mates and acquaintances...many have gone away...they are no more now.
Where have they gone? 
They were so lively, so full of energy and activity, they were so ambitious and full of aspirations...all is left behind and they have gone past.
They are now just memories. They are now just the things that they had taught me through their life, their actions and their words. 
They are alive in the sense of the work they did and the legacy that they left behind.
Howsoever hardworking one might be, howsoever healthy and smart...he or she leaves this world and that too without any prior notice. It is highly desirable that a person thinks of this as the most predictable thing in life that one can be overtaken by death any time...any moment.
The memories of those who have left me and passed away are what keep me thinking that a person as a physical body might be there no more but his or her values, words, teachings, wisdom and way of life can have a great impact on others.
One of my friends from high school was highly ambitious. She was doing her Ph.D and had almost completed it when suddenly one day she was detected with blood cancer. She stayed alive for a few years and was in bed for chemo therapy. She was brave. Her struggle with life continued but she never gave up. She used to tell us that it was what God had decreed for her. She prayed and supplicated and never gave in. Then one day life handed her over to her everlasting abode. May she rest in peace.
So was my father, a very hardworking and energetic man. He was always in research, learning and teaching. He left the world but his work, his thoughts, his open mindedness and his affection still benefit us and others. 
Where are those people now? We can never tell for sure what happens to them after they die. But we can always pray for them and get a good lesson for our own selves. Just the way they are remembered for all their good deeds, actions and words we too will be remembered for the same. 
We might not be around in the physical form but our ongoing beneficial deeds will benefit others. We must learn the lesson from other's demise and leave such legacies behind that will keep us alive even after we die. 
These people are there within the memories of those whom they affected in a pleasant way, whom they loved sincerely, for whom they were helpful and caring and to whom they were examples or courage, love, hard work and sincerity. 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Hierarchy of Love

Illustration of red hearts.

One look at this word and you feel good about it!
We have been exposed to many variations of love but the only thing that is dominant in all of them is sacrifice.
Even in the love of worldly things people sacrifice their time, their comfort, their energies and their life itself! 
But love for people requires even greater sacrifice. The sacrifice of self, ego and personal preferences sometimes.
Love demands attention, care and possession too. 
The highest form of love which is unique and has no equal in any of the worldly and physical forms of love, which demands loyalty, submission and devotion not for it's own benefit but for the sole benefit of the lover, is the Love for our Creator
The Creator is the source of all Love. He is the most loving to His Creatures. He loves them much more than a mother loves her child. He wants the best for them. He has prepared everlasting joys for those who submit to Him and seek His love. He is in no 'need' of our love but because He loves us He wants to see us in the best of places-the Paradise! We can achieve it by loving Him and obeying His commands with sincerity.
The Hierarchy of Love for the Believers thus reaches up to the source of Love- 
The Creator

then His Messenger The Last Prophet Muhammad 
Peace be Upon him 

and then the parents
the family
friends and
the Whole of Muslim Community who
Submit to the Will of Allah the Almighty!

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