Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Muslimah Speaks....

The Muslimah Speaks; Her Voice, Her Spirit 

is a collection of beautiful, heart touching poetry by Muslim Women from around the world. They have expressed their feelings on various topics from worship, life, Islam, Hijab, rights of women and various others.

It is enlightening and inspiring to read the Poetic expressions straight from the heart of the most misunderstood and underestimated women of the world...the Muslimahs. 

The are powerful, graceful, talented, modest, well equipped with their rights to express, choose or decline. They have a mind of their own and a heart full of love, devotion and trust in their Lord, The Almighty Allah. They know their roles as mothers, daughters and wives. They have a heavy responsibility to contribute to the society through their strengths of Eman, Ihsan and Islam. They make the world a better place by working on the guidelines of Islam and adopting a life which is loved by Allah...the life of obedience and devotion.

They represent the modest, peace-loving and productive part of a society which is built on values and hard work.

Read their thoughts and feelings and get a glimpse of what morals and standards the Muslimahs reflect! What they speak and what is their substance ! 
Have a look and get enlightened and inspired. 

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