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The Treasure is Out!

Alhamdulillah! many of us know the importance of good deeds during the first ten days of Dhul Hijjah. We also know that fasting on the Day of Arafah expiates our sins for a year earlier and the one ahead. Allahu Akbar! The treasure is being distributed! Are we running to collect it from Allah? Each one of us has some or the other worry that is bothering us whether light or heavy.  Each one of us is in need of Allah's infinite Mercy to get sins forgiven, to relieve our pain, to heal our illnesses and to get our needs fulfilled.  This is another big chance after the Great Night of Ramadan that we ask whatever we want from Allah.  Deeds can look small but they carry immense rewards during these blessed days.  We can happily do small things for Pleasing Allah like: Giving a glass of water to someoneGiving food/clothes/money/other good things in charitySmilingFeeding a stray animalHelping out in the houseReading the morning evening duasReading other duasReading the Quran with meaningAsking Al…

Notes from a book

There are fifteen types of cures to remove sadness, grief or depression accrording to the Prophet's guidance (these consist in various supplications that are taught to us by our Prophet peace be upon him) Affirming Allah's Oneness in His Lordship.Affriming Allah's Oneness in the Worship.Belief in the creed of Tawheed (There is no true God but Allah and Muhammad (peace be upon him) is His Messenger.Praising Allah for not dealing with His slave with injustice and for not punishing him without a reason.The slave's affirming that it is he who has committed the injustice.Pleading to Allah by the most beloved methods to Him, by His Names, Attributes, such as Al Hayy (the Ever Living), Al Qayyum ( Who sustains everything and everyone).Depending and relying on Allah alone for everything.The slave affirms that his hope is only in Allah.Acquiring the true dependence on Allah and relating all matters to Him, while admitting that the slave's forelock is in His Hands alone and t…


To Faith, Sabr (patience) is just like the head to the body. There are three types of Sabr.  First, there is the Sabr while performing Allah’s Commands, so that one does not ignore (or get bored with) them.  There is a sabr with shunning the prohibitions, so that one does not violate them.  There is also a sabr with the appointed destiny and decisions of Allah, so that one is not enraged because of them.  When one acquires all three types of Sabr, his sabr will be complete and the delight of this and the Next life will be whole, along with gaining and winning in both lives. No person shall achieve these great prizes except by passing over the Sirat (the bridge over Hell).  Umar radhiAllahu anhu said, “We achieve the best living by Sabr.” Healing with the Medicine of the Prophet (ﷺ(By Imam Ibn Qayyim Al Jauziyah

Natural Calamity?

What is nature and what is a calamity? Does nature make up things itself? Do calamities occur without any underlying factor?  Nature, if we truly look around and see, is quite balanced and well organized. Don't we see how each and everything has it's assigned place and station? How things are coordination with each other in maintaining a balance?
We see the mountains standing firm. We see rivers flowing down from the top of mountains. We see blooming flowers with amazing colors, shapes and sizes. We see the trees of varied heights and qualities. We see the earth and the ocean. Each and every thing that is natural seems to have it's own grace and beauty and it looks like it is doing it's duty with utmost obedience. When the grace and beauty of nature is meddled with, attacked or when it is stolen then we can see how the whole balance disrupts. Not only this, nature is there for us. We are also an inseparable part of nature. Don't we get our needs fulfilled through natu…

An Open Letter to God.

In the Name of God the Most Kind the Most Merciful

O My Lord! You are the Creator and Shaper of all that exists. You are Ever-Living and The Most Kind. You listen to the prayers of anyone who calls upon You.
I am your slave. You have created me. I have sinned and erred. I have made so many mistakes. I have wronged myself. I acknowledge all my sins which I did out of ignorance, silliness, carelessness or with intention.
I acknowledge that You alone have all the Power over all things. It is only You Who can forgive sins. I believe in You and bear Witness that You are the One and Only God. 
I do not assign any partners with You. You alone I worship, You alone I seek help from and You alone I ask for all my needs. 
I am a weak slave of Yours who has not shown up to the mark that You have ordered Your servants. 
Please my Lord, make me such that I repent sincerely of all my sins and never come back to them. Big or small, open or hidden and all those sins which I am even unaware of, I plead You t…