Tuesday, September 16, 2014

An Open Letter to God.

In the Name of God the Most Kind the Most Merciful

O My Lord! You are the Creator and Shaper of all that exists. You are Ever-Living and The Most Kind. You listen to the prayers of anyone who calls upon You.
I am your slave. You have created me. I have sinned and erred. I have made so many mistakes. I have wronged myself. I acknowledge all my sins which I did out of ignorance, silliness, carelessness or with intention.
I acknowledge that You alone have all the Power over all things. It is only You Who can forgive sins. I believe in You and bear Witness that You are the One and Only God. 
I do not assign any partners with You. You alone I worship, You alone I seek help from and You alone I ask for all my needs. 
I am a weak slave of Yours who has not shown up to the mark that You have ordered Your servants. 
Please my Lord, make me such that I repent sincerely of all my sins and never come back to them. Big or small, open or hidden and all those sins which I am even unaware of, I plead You to remove them from me. Remove them as if there were none and wash away all the dirt and burden of sins from my heart. 
Accept my repentance O God! and remove all the worries that are bothering me. Accept the repentance of all Your believing servants and remove their difficulties. Give the guidance to all those who are wandering in the wilderness and they are not aware of the light of Faith. 
Accept the repentance of all the slaves who recognize You as their Lord and forgive them.
Remove the hardships of diseases, calamities, restricted provision and enmity among Your slaves. O listener of Prayers, You listen to the minutest of Your Creatures in the darkest and deepest of depths. 
Make Your slaves such that they 
recognize Your Blessings and 
Thank You always, 
Remember You Always, 
Give up all sins, 
Worship You Alone sincerely, 
Pray and fulfill all their duties and obligations toward You and Your slaves. 
Make us such that we observe all Your commands with such Faith and beauty that You accept all our worship and good deeds.
O Lord! make me among those whom You have chosen for Guidance, Forgiveness and Mercy on the Day when all Your creation will be gathered. Make me among those Whom You forgive out of Your limitless Mercy.
O Lord! Please Help the people who are suffering on this earth. Please make the believers such that they adhere to Your Commands. Make them good examples for others to see. 
O Lord, accept my prayers and give us peace and tranquility in this world and the next.
Your Humble Slave. 

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