Friday, September 26, 2014

Notes from a book

There are fifteen types of cures to remove sadness, grief or depression accrording to the Prophet's guidance (these consist in various supplications that are taught to us by our Prophet peace be upon him)
  1. Affirming Allah's Oneness in His Lordship.
  2. Affriming Allah's Oneness in the Worship.
  3. Belief in the creed of Tawheed (There is no true God but Allah and Muhammad (peace be upon him) is His Messenger.
  4. Praising Allah for not dealing with His slave with injustice and for not punishing him without a reason.
  5. The slave's affirming that it is he who has committed the injustice.
  6. Pleading to Allah by the most beloved methods to Him, by His Names, Attributes, such as Al Hayy (the Ever Living), Al Qayyum ( Who sustains everything and everyone).
  7. Depending and relying on Allah alone for everything.
  8. The slave affirms that his hope is only in Allah.
  9. Acquiring the true dependence on Allah and relating all matters to Him, while admitting that the slave's forelock is in His Hands alone and that He does with it whatever He Wills. Also admitting that Allah's decision on the slave will certainly come to pass and that His Judgment is certainly just.
  10. The slave's heart should enjoy the gardens of the Quran and should make the Quran just like the spring of pure water to the animals. Also, the slave should use the light of the Quran to shatter the darkness of desires and lusts. The Quran should be one's companion when no one else is present; the comfort that relieves every type of calamity and the cure that discards every illness that attacks the slave's heart. In short, the Quran should be the remover of sadness and the end of depression and grief.
  11. Turning to Istighfar, seeking forgiveness from Allah.
  12. Repenting to Allah.
  13. Performing Jihad in Allah's cause.
  14. Performing prayer
  15. Relating all power and strength to He Who grasps them in His Hands.

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