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My life is what I want to make it. My efforts are where I put them for. My achievements are what I have earned
Do I regard my life a success? 
It depends on what success means to me. What real happiness is in my eyes. It is actually nothing about 'me'!
It is my reality which I often forget. 
I am not just 'me'. 
So many others are attached to me. I am complete in connection with first the One Who has created me and sent me into this world.
I am complete when I see toward the needs, rights and pains of others, all the living things that the Creator has created.
He wants me to complete my self, my spiritual being and then find my way to the real self.
It is there with The Creator and it is here in my love for His Creation!
The Quran states in the second chapter fifth verse:

Those are upon [right] guidance from their Lord, and it is those who are thesuccessful.
My success and happiness are not just about me and my achievements. The sensitivity to the reality of being and the respo…

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