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Successful People!

The Quran has, among other beautiful chapters, this amazing chapter on 'the believers'. Chapter 23 verses 1-11
It starts with a very beautiful message and a good news that those who believe in God Almighty are indeedsuccessful.  There are a few characteristicsof these believers which make them achieve this success. These characteristics are then mentioned in the verses that follow this good news.  Almighty God says in the first few verses of this chapter that the successful people or the believers are those who: humble themselves in their prayerswho avoid vain talkwho are active in their zakatwho guard their modesty except with those whom they are married towho faithfully observe their trusts and their covenantsand who strictly guard their prayers After mentioning these qualities the Almighty God then states that these successful believers are entitled to be the heirs who will inherit Paradiseand they will dwell therein forever!  The Creator, as we can see clearly, is so Merciful an…

Crowned Glory

Dear readers, have you ever thought why the king wears the crown? Why the dignitaries in most cultures and societies have some kind of head covering? If you know of Indian culture you can see how the heads of the villages, communities and religions wear something on their heads which covers their heads and gives them a distinguished and respectful look. 

Have you ever thought why when someone visits a Temple, Mosque, Synagogue, Church, Gurudwara etc. he or she feels better covering the head as a mark of respect to that place as as a beautiful feeling of sincerity and spirituality? 
We have known the nuns, the Queens, the Kings, the head of many fields having their heads covered with  scarves, crowns, caps or turbans. What is so different about a covered head? Why is it more significant when one has a position or a special honour? 

Imagine a king who's sitting on his throne with all his glory and power and has a bright bejeweled crown on his head. He is wearing a robe and everyone aro…

Fitting shoes.

Each one of us has our unique way of dealing with our life situations.  Others may guide us and suggest the way that should be taken to meet our challenges but in the end it is us who have the first hand experience.  So often we hear people say that no one can ever understand their condition because they have not been into the same situation or we hear them say that people will understand them only when they step into their shoes. But even this is not something which can make anyone understand others' pain. Stepping into someone's shoes can take place but the shoes won't fit them as best as they fit the owner! This is being taken a bit too literally. The point is that even if the other person goes through the same trials in life he won't react to them in the same manner as that person. Every person has his uniqueness which has differences of personality, behaviour, experiences, life situations, feelings, outlook toward life, emotional intelligence and much more.  No pers…