Sunday, December 28, 2014

Successful People!

The Quran has, among other beautiful chapters, this amazing chapter on 'the believers'. 
Chapter 23 verses 1-11

It starts with a very beautiful message and a good news that those who believe in God Almighty are indeed successful
There are a few characteristics of these believers which make them achieve this success. These characteristics are then mentioned in the verses that follow this good news. 
Almighty God says in the first few verses of this chapter that the successful people or the believers are those who:
  • humble themselves in their prayers
  • who avoid vain talk
  • who are active in their zakat
  • who guard their modesty except with those whom they are married to
  • who faithfully observe their trusts and their covenants
  • and who strictly guard their prayers  
After mentioning these qualities the Almighty God then states that these successful believers are entitled to be the heirs who will inherit Paradise and they will dwell therein forever! 
The Creator, as we can see clearly, is so Merciful and Kind. He not only Wants to See us successful but also Guides us to the ways to achieve that success. 
Pondering on the qualities of those believers who are successful and who will inherit Paradise makes us realize that this not only guarantees success in the Hereafter but also ensures that we lead a pious and successful life on this earth.
  • Imagine a prayer that is not done with humility and submissiveness...
  • Imagine engaging in useless and unimportant talks...
  • Imagine not fulfilling the duty of giving zakat which is a beautiful way of helping ourselves and others who are poor: (although in this case the zakat or purification is mentioned with the context of self purification, self analysis and basically the purification of self).
  • Imagine not guarding one's modesty and indulging in illegal, illicit relationships...
  • Imagine not fulfilling the oaths, promises, trusts and covenants...
  • Imagine not taking care of our prayers and not performing them diligently...

If we ponder on all these points we will realize...
that it all sums up to our own doom...our own loss in this world and that in the next too! 
Bearing all these virtues in mind we can see how 
  • praying with sincerity strengthens and maintains our Faith, 
  • avoiding useless talks preserves our intellect and energy and directs it in the right way
  • Purifying the soul gives us a clean and light heart which in turn helps us lead a conscious and happy life
  • guarding one's modesty keeps us safe from evil deeds and diseases and motivates us to enter into healthy legal relationships which last a lifetime
  • Fulfilling the trusts renders us trusworthy and hence we earn the respect and love of others also leading to a successful professional life
  • Taking the prayers seriously always keeps us attached to our origin and source i.e; to God...we know we are from God and to Him shall we return one day. 
 So the believers should take care to fulfill all these conditions to own the everlasting bliss and the never-ending joys! 
Meeting of the Creator is the best thing that a creature can ever wish for. 

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