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What Quran says about Free-will.

We, as created beings, are given some amount of Free-will to choose our own course of action. Many religions, ideologies and philosophies define the nature of human actions and their accountability in terms of rewards and punishments. As a lay-person all we understand is that whatever we choose we are responsible and accountable for it. But by the immense Grace and Mercy of the Creator, we have not been left to think like a lay-person alone, rather God the Almighty wants us to understand our importance as human beings and our role as the believing servants. We have been given the guide to understand our life in this world and its implications in the Hereafter. As we read the Quran, we understand that no nation was left without sending a messenger to deliver the message of God. He sent Prophets and books to spread the message of Truth and to guide mankind toward a successful worldly life and Afterlife.
Quran is a book which covers a variety of topics to guide us in our day to day life a…

What's your cage?

I distinctly remember from my childhood that my mother used to be a very cheerful and light-hearted person. She used to joke with us and even tease us. She used to share urdu couplets (poetry), jokes and instances with us from her childhood. She had many stories and incidents to share with us and we used to listen to her with much interest. Even till today, after it has been over 5 years that she left us to meet her Creator, we remember many of the things that she shared with us. I do not remember her always acting like a grown up person and trying to maintain the discipline in the house. Even despite that we respected her and there was a lot of good governance in the house. She taught us not by lecturing around and scolding but by just being herself.  I can remember the dignified way she dressed herself up, the way she walked and carried herself. I could never have guessed her age if someone would ask me then. She was smiling and cheerful and very child like with her children.
The same …

The Grass Root

In the wake of so many untoward happenings in the world a person is compelled to think about the root cause of all the unrest and disharmony. 
The irony is that those who talk about peace and freedom are completely ignorant of the basic definition of the terms. And, those who act in the name of religious extremismdo not even know the basics of Faith.  These two groups of people act according to their own set standards, whims and fancies. They do not follow any rule or regulation either of the society or of their Faith.
Here an example would be helpful in explaining what chaos they have created. A student takes admission in a college. He is now enrolled in the college and represents that institution. He is supposed to follow the methodology of the college, its rules and regulations as a student. But he prefers to roam around and refuse to accept any of the norms of the college. Neither does he study, respect the teachers nor does he go out of the college and continues to call himself the st…

The Right Click!

It is indeed very easy to click a button on your computer or tap on the like or share button over your touchscreen phone or tab. It does not take any effort to do these small seemingly harmless actions. Some of us do them as a habit and just keep on liking or sharing things on the websites.  What takes some effort and time is to think whether what we are liking and sharing forward is worth it or not. We should not do this heedlessly otherwise we would be contributing to the spread of false or wrong information.  It is very easy to spend time on your laptop with a coffee mug on the side and just liking and sharing without bothering if the information you are carrying forward is true or not.  The need of the hour (mainly because of the explosion of information on the internet which is easily accessible to all) is to seek authentic sources of information and knowledge.  Many a times it happens that due to the spread of wrong information some person, organization, community or group has to su…


It is indeed very difficult to convince anyone unless the speaker as well as the adressee possess an open heart and mind; open to realities, truth and facts.  This is not a one-sided affair. We are not here to convince anyone but we have the responsibility to put forward the whole truth if we know it. No one can seek the truth, the reality and the facts without seeking knowledge. Hence, knowledge is the basis for all discussions and interactions for exchange of ideas. If ever we approach anyone for clarifying some fact we must first know what background that person hails from. There is no use  engaging in futile arguments and discussions when the other side is completely unaware or uninterested in the knowledge based facts and references. The same logic goes for those who believe in celebrating the birthdays of Prophets. I said 'Prophets' because Jesus is a Mighty Prophet of God and his birthday is celebrated without any authentic historic proof that he was born on 25th December a…