Sunday, January 4, 2015


It is indeed very difficult to convince anyone unless the speaker as well as the adressee possess an open heart and mind; open to realities, truth and facts. 
This is not a one-sided affair. We are not here to convince anyone but we have the responsibility to put forward the whole truth if we know it.
No one can seek the truth, the reality and the facts without seeking knowledge. Hence, knowledge is the basis for all discussions and interactions for exchange of ideas.
If ever we approach anyone for clarifying some fact we must first know what background that person hails from. There is no use  engaging in futile arguments and discussions when the other side is completely unaware or uninterested in the knowledge based facts and references.
The same logic goes for those who believe in celebrating the birthdays of Prophets. I said 'Prophets' because Jesus is a Mighty Prophet of God and his birthday is celebrated without any authentic historic proof that he was born on 25th December and the same is being done for Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. 
We as Muslims, revere Prophet Jesus more than the Christians themselves because we send 'peace and blessing upon him' when we mention him and we are convinced about his being raised to the Heavens by Almighty God. We find it apalling to see a prophet crucified and looking so helpless and fragile. Prophets had been sent to give the message of Oneness of God and not to atone for the sins of Mankind.
When the Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ 'peace be upon him', they know that it is not at all backed by their bibles.
As for the birthday of our Last and Beloved Prophet Muhammad 'peace be upon him' there is not a single Hadith in the Sahihain (the authentic books of the Traditions of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ ; Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim) which gives us the sign of celebration of his birthday, except that he used to fast on Mondays because he was born on that day. If we really do like to celebrate we must follow his footsteps and fast on the day that we believe to be the day of his birth.
Muslims should hold on to the Quran as the authentic source of knowledge and the sunnah of the Prophet to lead their lives. There are many Ahadith that are popular among the Muslims which they quote to prove that they are allowed to worship the saints at their graves, to celebrate the birthday of Muhammad ﷺ and do many other things that are not at all backed by Quran or Sahih Ahadith.
Before doing any act of worship or something that is related to your deen you must see if it is going in line with the teachings of the Quran and Hadith. 
Would the Prophet ﷺ like it if he comes by and sees all the things going on in the name of his birthday? He lived a very purposeful, simple and dignified life. All his life was devoted to the worship of his Lord Allah and to the propagation of Islam; his mission. 

And furthermore, he will see that no one is following the other tenets of Islamic lifestyle like Hijab, keeping the beard, praying five times daily, using the miswak (which was very very dear to him), holding on to Quran and sunnah in every aspect of life! 
There are many many things which a Muslim woman and a man should be doing and those things are much more important and rewarding than these celebrations.
If we really like to celebrate we can celebrate the name of Allah and after that the mention of His beloved Prophet ﷺ daily and that too 5 times daily! 
We need to repeat the adhan or call for prayer and see how the name of our beloved Prophet is being called out day and night along with the name of his Lord. 
This is some celebration!!
Look how when the Adhan is completed we are required to say a particular dua in which we praise the Prophet and ask for his shafaa'h or intercession on the Day of Judgment.

Look how whenever we listen to his blessed name our heart calls out "peace and blessings upon him". It is mentioned in sahih hadith that whoever sends blessings on him 10 times in the morning and 10 times in the evening will be blessed with his intercession on the Day of Judgment. Moreover whoever sends blessings on him once is blessed ten times!
It is called celebration in someone's name when you really love him and do not forget him in your daily life. 
Celebration on just one day and that too engaging in all that he would not approve of is nothing but ignorance. 
Also we celebrate him one day, and then, why do we forget him in our daily lives? Do we bother about the little things that he loved? Do we feel the love for him? Do we study his biography to know how he toiled and went through all sorts of pains to bring this deen to us?

If we really love him we must celebrate his mention on a daily basis. We must not forget that we recite the durood in our daily prayers. We should start reciting it with a conscious mind. 
Let us celebrate being Muslims daily. 
Let us celebrate the Praises of our Lord daily. 
Let us send blessings on our beloved Prophet day and night and reserve our cup at the Hauz al kausar.

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