Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Right Click!

It is indeed very easy to click a button on your computer or tap on the like or share button over your touchscreen phone or tab. It does not take any effort to do these small seemingly harmless actions. Some of us do them as a habit and just keep on liking or sharing things on the websites. 
What takes some effort and time is to think whether what we are liking and sharing forward is worth it or not. We should not do this heedlessly otherwise we would be contributing to the spread of false or wrong information. 
It is very easy to spend time on your laptop with a coffee mug on the side and just liking and sharing without bothering if the information you are carrying forward is true or not. 
The need of the hour (mainly because of the explosion of information on the internet which is easily accessible to all) is to seek authentic sources of information and knowledge. 
Many a times it happens that due to the spread of wrong information some person, organization, community or group has to suffer. 
People should act responsibly and take active part 

in seeking and spreading the Truth

in seeking and spreading the Word of Peace 
in seeking and spreading the Word of Guidance
the Word of Mercy and Healing
the Word of Justice
the Word of Faith

and the Word of God.

Until and unless each one of us will feel the responsibility to confirm the facts, to act sensibly and to spread forward only that which is true and based on facts, we will not be able to achieve peace within and around us.
When we need to seek all these sources of peace like truth, guidance, knowledge and justice, we first need to display them in our daily life.
When at home we should be teaching our children the value of honesty, real as well as virtual.
When we go out we should be carrying all these virtues with us and applying them in our dealings with those around us. Compassion, honesty, justice and ease both on screen as well as off it.
Today, a whole world is living out there on the net. We do have some responsibility as a netizen as well.
We must never underestimate the power of one click of reaches someone, it touches someone, it might make someone think in a certain way, feel in a certain manner and even act in a certain way.
Just a click of ours can do wonders like spread of Truth, knowledge, peace and wisdom or it can turn things around...
Let us be aware of the right move
the Right Click! 

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