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Respect for Women

There's one whole chapter dedicated to women with the title "the Women" (Chapter 4) in the Noble Quran. Apart from that a whole Chapter is named after Mary, the mother of Jesus peace and blessings of Allah be upon them both (Chapter 19). Also throughout the Quran in various places Allah tells us about being kind to parents, especially the mothers as they bore us with pain upon pain. 
Allah tells the believing men to take care of their wives and treat them with kindness, generosity and justice. 
Some verses of the Quran were revealed in defense of the mother of the believers Ayisha may Allah be pleased with her ( Chapter 24) and in clarifying a matter related to another woman who wanted to have a divorce with her husband (Chapter 58). 
Allah describes the distribution of inheritance at length in Chapter 4 An Nisa (the women) and commands the believers to give each person his or her due share (Verses 11 and 12).
As concerning the dower (Mahr) of the women, Allah says:

Be a blessing!

All of us want good friends, good colleagues, good neighbours, good spouses, well-behaving and obedient children and good acquaintances. We want to be in touch with people who don't pester us, irritate us, cause us trouble or harm us. We want understanding friends, kind neighbours, adjusting colleagues and reliable acquaintances. 
All this is natural. Each one of us wants to live in peace therefore we normally hear people saying, 'live and let live'. But little do we realize that we have a major role to play in this regard. We know that despite of our being good some people still do not behave well but that does not stop us from being our best.
We must never let unjustified victimization shatter us not let the aggressor have his or her way but there are some cool ways to keep all this at bay if we try.
It is allowed to teach a lesson to those who trouble you constantly but there are other ways to tackle such ignorant and troublesome people. 
If possible do not let the ignoranc…