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When it is said, "I think..."

A simple sentence starting with "I think..." actually carries the whole of our personality with it. What 'you' think is what you are made of. Your thoughts and beliefs are a manifestation of your inner self. The ideas, thoughts, opinions and statements that we keep or express are the reflection of what all we have been through and whatever we are experiencing in life.
I ponder over things and try to find similes to the various expressions that we come across. This one came out as just a thought while I was relaxing and I intended to write my feelings on this.
I compared the human thoughts and ideas to the 'tree.' As you know, trees are of various shapes, sizes and colors and they have different uses. Similarly, the human ideas, thoughts and opinions are also varied. 
Just as the different types of trees grow and flourish in different areas depending on the fertility, soil type, weather condition and environmental support, so does the human thinking process grow …

Death of Life...

Life in bloom!

Story of Charity and Sickness

This is the fifth and last story of the 5 Photos 5 Stories series on my blog:
Ref: Gems and Jewels by Abdul Malik Mujhahid (Darussalam)
In 1408, the newspaper Al Muslimun (issue number 181, dated Dhul -Hijjah 8, 1408) related the following story: 
It is a real-life story whose hero is a Syrian doctor who wa afflicted with cancer and who remedied it with charity. Dr. 'Isa Marzuqi relates that he was afflicted with cancer, a fact that is attested by most eminent of doctors in Damascus; the amazing thing is that he was cured through charity. After many of his colleagues lost hope of his cure, the said doctor returned to the hospital to assume his duties. The doctor's fiancee had refused to break off their marriage because of the sickness, and instead decided to wait patiently until he died. But instead of that happening he was saved. He later provided authenticated certificates from many eminent doctors that he had cancer in his left armpit; they also attested to the fact that later…

Story of True Love!

This is the fourth story in line with the 5 Photos 5 Stories challenge to which my fellow blogger invited me.
They were in that stage of their life when everything looks rosy, every rain looks romantic and every glance has meaning.
The girl was very attractive in her own way, not because she had long, lustrous hair, or because she was fair and slim and all that. She was attractive in her own way, in her own style. 
The boy too had a good looking and charming persona and he too was not that hero material which is often presented to the girls through all the hype in movies and ads. They had the chance to look at each other and meet as they were in the same college. This was natural that they felt attracted to each other but neither of them let this show up in their behaviour with each other. They were like normal class mates to each other. But, both had the attraction brewing up in their minds some time or the other.
It was not all that took up their …

Story of an Intelligent Gardener

This is the 3rd Story of the 5 Photos 5 Stories Challenge. 
It mentioned in the book of hadith about a person who was a very intelligent, charitable and generous gardener. He was hardworking and utilized his earnings in the best and the most balanced way. Let us see what he used to do with the produce and income of his garden.
Abu Huraira reported:

While a person was in the wilderness he heard a voice from the cloud (commanding it thus):  Irrigate the garden of so and so.  After that the clouds slinked aside and poured water on a stony ground.  It filled a channel amongst the channels of that land and that person followed that water and he found a person standing in the garden busy in changing the course of water with the help of a hatchet. 
He said to him: "Servant of Allah, what is your name?" He said: So and so.  And it was that very name which he had heard from the clouds. and he said to him: "Servant of Allah, why do you ask me my name?"  He said: "I heard a voice …

Story of a Princess

This is the second story of the 5 Photos 5 Stories Challenge.
One Little Princess lived on a little hill. She wore nice dresses And that was her will.
Once she got a friend of hers, And asked her to play. The friend was a bit nosy. She did not like the way.
The princess got angry and Sent for her maid. To take the proud friend of hers Outside the palace gate.
The maid obeyed her mistress, And the friend was taken home. She was crying out her lungs, That she was being sent to Rome.
In Rome was her residence, But she had no friends there. Princess and she were classmates, In a school that was fair.
Princess too felt lonely, But she had her pretty pride. She wanted to have someone, With whom she’d play and ride.
Months passed, the two didn’t meet. It was bad for both  as they were nice mates. So, once again the friend was called Inside the palace gates.<

Story of a Servant-

Photo Story Challenge -1
There was once a servant who loved his master a lot and never wanted to serve anyone else but his master. 
One day he said to his master, “You are my master. I love you. I respect you so much. I will stay in your house and not leave you. I like you, your house and your company.”
The master says to his servant, “Okay, you stay with me and obey my orders. I will give you plenty of food, clothing, shelter and other facilities. Just listen to what I say and obey me. Do not leave me for anyone or anything else. I will provide you with whatever you need.”
The master then asks the servant to bring a glass of water. The servant keeps sitting there and keeps saying to his master, “I love you master…you are so nice…” But he doesn’t do what his master asks him to do. Again the master asks the servant to bring something from the market. The servant keeps sitting there and doesn’t obey and keeps saying, “O master, you are so kind…I love you!”
Do you think this is love? Do you th…

Why I wear Hijab.

The topic of Hijab has always been a controversial topic for many among those who are not Muslims and even among those who are Muslims. 

When something is not understood clearly and is approached with a stance that is personal and emotional then it is indeed a matter of doubt and uncertainty. But, when you intend to understand something sincerely and try to find out its origin and meaning from the most authentic sources then there remains no doubt and hesitation and you tend to accept it readily with ease.

The same goes for the topic of Hijab. Most of the people think that Hijab is a choice and not a command by Allah in the Noble Quran and they present various points to prove it. 

I am just a student of Al Quran and I myself did not wear Hijab till I entered University. But one fine day, by the Will of Allah, I was reading the Chapter 24 The Light (An Noor) in the Quran. I came across the famous verses on Hijab and I felt something inside my heart. I realized that these are the true word…