Friday, March 20, 2015

Story of a Princess

Golden, High Heels, Luxury, Rich

This is the second story of the 5 Photos 5 Stories Challenge.

One Little Princess
lived on a little hill.
She wore nice dresses
And that was her will.

Once she got a friend of hers,
And asked her to play.
The friend was a bit nosy.
She did not like the way.

The princess got angry and
Sent for her maid.
To take the proud friend of hers
Outside the palace gate.

The maid obeyed her mistress,
And the friend was taken home.
She was crying out her lungs,
That she was being sent to Rome.

In Rome was her residence,
But she had no friends there.
Princess and she were classmates,
In a school that was fair.

Princess too felt lonely,
But she had her pretty pride.
She wanted to have someone,
With whom she’d play and ride.

Months passed, the two didn’t meet.
It was bad for both 
as they were nice mates.
So, once again the friend was called
Inside the palace gates.
And played the little princess
                                                    with her beloved mate!     

This story in a Rhyme was written by me long back during my high school days.  

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