Thursday, March 19, 2015

Story of a Servant-

Photo Story Challenge -1

There was once a servant who loved his master a lot and never wanted to serve anyone else but his master. 

One day he said to his master, “You are my master. I love you. I respect you so much. I will stay in your house and not leave you. I like you, your house and your company.”

The master says to his servant, “Okay, you stay with me and obey my orders. I will give you plenty of food, clothing, shelter and other facilities. Just listen to what I say and obey me. Do not leave me for anyone or anything else. I will provide you with whatever you need.”

The master then asks the servant to bring a glass of water. The servant keeps sitting there and keeps saying to his master, “I love you master…you are so nice…” But he doesn’t do what his master asks him to do.
Again the master asks the servant to bring something from the market. The servant keeps sitting there and doesn’t obey and keeps saying, “O master, you are so kind…I love you!”

Do you think this is love? Do you think this is respect? Can this servant win the love of his master?

What are we doing to our Master? Our Creator?
We keep saying we believe in Him, love Him….but do we really obey Him?
I have written this story as a challenge of 5 photos 5 stories, invited by my friend and fellow blogger:

The above story inspires us to think that we too are just the servants of the Master of Masters the Almighty Allah. Indeed, we love Him, indeed, we belief and have Faith only in Him, indeed we do not associate any other masters with Him...but we must also obey all His commands and serve Him the way He has guided us to do in His Book the Quran and through His Messenger Muhammad peace be upon him.

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