Sunday, March 22, 2015

Story of True Love!

Candle, Fire, Flame, Hearts

This is the fourth story in line with the 5 Photos 5 Stories challenge to which my fellow blogger invited me.

They were in that stage of their life when everything looks rosy, every rain looks romantic and every glance has meaning.

The girl was very attractive in her own way, not because she had long, lustrous hair, or because she was fair and slim and all that. She was attractive in her own way, in her own style. 

The boy too had a good looking and charming persona and he too was not that hero material which is often presented to the girls through all the hype in movies and ads.
They had the chance to look at each other and meet as they were in the same college.
This was natural that they felt attracted to each other but neither of them let this show up in their behaviour with each other. They were like normal class mates to each other.
But, both had the attraction brewing up in their minds some time or the other.

It was not all that took up their feelings and thoughts as they were very sincere students and studied with interest and sincerity.
This was the reason that their thoughts were not governed only by passion and fascination.

They had more to their lives than romance and feelings. They belonged to good families. They had all that it takes to be responsible, wise and cultured.
The college was soon going to end and they were about to part their ways.

 What stopped them from confessing their love for each other and enjoying their lives as those fun loving romantic college students who think they have total hold on their lives?

On the final day of the college when everyone was sharing their ambitions and plans for the life ahead, they too shared theirs.

The girl said that she maintained her dignity and honor and always pursued her studies seriously and sincerely because she knew that her father had toiled a lot to give all his children honorable lives and good education. She told them that the least she could do was to avoid harming the honor of her father and staying away for all possible scenarios that might lead to her going astray and hurting her family. To her, the honor of her family was the main thing she wanted to maintain. She even sacrificed her passions in this regard and she was successful. 
But God was watching!

That boy too was the eldest in his family and he felt the responsibility as an elder brother to present a good example to his siblings, which he successfully did. 

And all the while God was watching!

They tried to keep up with the goodness that they intrinsically had and all the way God helped them in their good intentions. But God had some great surprise for them in store!

 The boy soon graduated and pursued a career and he settled down in life. The girl was acquiring higher education at that moment in life. The boy had this girl in his mind and so, he talked to his mother about her. They sent a proposal to her family after finding out that she was not married as yet. The family approved the proposal as both belonged to a good and well educated families. 

Now, the two lovers who loved each other truly and had thought selflessly above their passions were united by God himself!

They had not resorted to deserting their parents and following their passions and taking some course which could have led to disharmony not only in their lives but also in the two families. They had been wise and patient and showed intelligence in taking the right course of action at the right time.

Marriage is the best solution
for the two who 
love each other
passionately and truly!

An-Nu'man ibn Bashir was heard to say on the minbar, 
"Shaytan has snares and traps. The snares and traps of Shaytan are to exult ungratefully in the blessings of Allah, to boast about the gifts of Allah, to have pride at the expense of the slaves of Allah, and to follow passion for other than the sake of Allah."
Hadith (Hasan Mauquf Al Albani) 
Al Adab al Mufrad 553

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