Sunday, March 29, 2015

When it is said, "I think..."

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A simple sentence starting with "I think..." actually carries the whole of our personality with it. What 'you' think is what you are made of. Your thoughts and beliefs are a manifestation of your inner self. The ideas, thoughts, opinions and statements that we keep or express are the reflection of what all we have been through and whatever we are experiencing in life.

I ponder over things and try to find similes to the various expressions that we come across. This one came out as just a thought while I was relaxing and I intended to write my feelings on this.

I compared the human thoughts and ideas to the 'tree.' As you know, trees are of various shapes, sizes and colors and they have different uses. Similarly, the human ideas, thoughts and opinions are also varied. 

Just as the different types of trees grow and flourish in different areas depending on the fertility, soil type, weather condition and environmental support, so does the human thinking process grow and flourish in the conditions most suitable to it. On the contrary if the tree does not get the required amount of any of the necessary things then it won't grow to its full and it will die out. 

But what made me think about ideas and thoughts being similar to trees?

Actually what we think is not just momentary. It is a work of the whole past life and the present and all the experiences that made us think in a certain way. We form opinions of people, places, things and situations based on our own past interactions with them directly or indirectly.

But, this is not the only reason for the formation of ideas and opinions and some things are simply intrinsic!

For example if a person dislikes travelling it might not be due to the reason that he had some bad experiences in the past regarding the same. It could be in his nature to feel comfortable at some place and not to move about too much. 

What then influences our thoughts and ideas?

Just as there is more to a tree than just its trunk, leaves and fruits, which are apparently seen, there are things of even greater importance which actually plant the tree, support it and help it blossom and flourish and bear fruits.

Yes, the roots, the soil, the water supply and the sunlight are the reason why a tree would grow well, give lush green leaves and bear fruits for all to benefit from. It will provide shade and food to the living beings. 

Surprisingly, this is not all! The seed that was the main part actually is the most important. If there were'nt any seed then you won't see any tree!

Through this example I could imagine a tree like the thoughts, ideas and opinions of people. They are so numerous, so diverse and so flourished. But among the leaves and fruits of the tree some leaves dry out, die and fall down. Some fruits rot or get spoiled. All the parts of this tree of ideas and thoughts are not used up. They are even weathered with the changing environment. 

But if the supply to the tree is unending, if the Source of its Light and nourishment is unlimited and the ground on which it is planted is unmovable then the tree will always yield fresh, fruitful and lush green produce.

The tree of the human thinking process should be nurtured in the strong and fertile soil of unwavering Faith, it should be watered with the spring of the Authentic sources of the Faith and Belief. 

The person should know where the nourishment is coming from, who is making its soil fertile. He should know his source of Light. He should seek to find out, if he is still ignorant of his existence and purpose. 

The Light comes from the source of all Light, the Originator of all things and the Creator of all, God. He nourishes your soul. He makes you flourish. He takes care of you if you take care of your own exitence. If you let your tree bear useful produce by planting it correctly.

Human mind has a supply of Truth, Light, Insight and Wisdom from the Creator Himself. When your source is correct your thoughts will bear fruits in abundance for you and others to enjoy! 

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