A Flower

Blur, Flower, Lawn, Marguerites, Nature, Oxeye Daisies

When I look at a flower 
I see its beauty. 
I see its innocence.
I see its duty.

When I look at a flower
I see the mud
from where it came.

I see the thorns 
that give pain.

But those thorns
are there to protect
this sweet, beautiful 
and fragile

A flower
that smells so nice,
Adds so much
to the beauty around us.

It teaches us softness,
and adjustment.

It blooms from the mud,
It flourishes in the sun 
and waves happily
in the wind.

Be a flower.
Be beautiful, 
and blooming.

Add colour and beauty
to everything around you
with your inner shine
with your capacity 
and your kind. 

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