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Help the Helpers!

Our helpers, whether at home or elsewhere are people who deserve our respect. Although they are doing a job which, to some of us is menial and ordinary but in reality their work is something that requires real hardwork and patience. 
Who can ever wish to clean the trash of others and earn money? These people, most of them, do these jobs because they have no other choice. The good part is that they do not choose to beg. They often bear the rude attitude of their masters and keep quiet and patient because they know it is something they would face with those who do not have a heart for them.
I feel greatly thankful to have Islam as my religion which teaches us the manners to deal with those who are less fortunate and who serve us in different ways. 
Although we pay them but still they are entitled to much kindness and good treatment from us. Paying does not make them our slaves and we have no right to abuse, exploit or burden them with more work than they can physically bear.
It was narrated f…

Do we feel secure?

We are amazingly carefree and heedless. Although, day in and day out we see and hear countless mishaps around us. The news is filled with more accidents and calamities than any good news of reconstruction, rehabilitation, repair or development. 
It is possible that the news covers most of the exciting and attention seeking part of the happenings like unusual things, crimes, and alarming events and does not focus much on the calm and serene good things that are also there. But still, as we take a look around us we mostly see people having various problems in life. We hear of people dying either of natural calamities, accidents or murders. The picture comes out to be quite negative. Throughout history we have been shown a big picture of wars and destruction and wiping out of civilizations. And still, today, right at this moment while I type this sentence, hundreds of thousands of people in various parts of the world are going through great difficulties and pain. Some are dying in the hos…

The daily dose

All praise is due to the Lord of the worlds the Almighty Allah and peace and blessings of Allah be upon the Final Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.
Prayer is a very important part of Islam. It is the rememberance of the Creator and keeping in touch with Him. Muhammad peace be upon him used to say that Prayer is the coolness of his eyes.
Prayer is the way to Paradise.  The more a person remembers Allah in his or her prayers and the more he prostrates, he is entitled and hopeful to enter the Paradise.
The victorious are the ones who establish prayer at the appointed time.
Prayer is the best way to adopt when one is going through tough times. It is said in the Quran that we should ask help by practising patience and establishing prayers. 
All the prophets mentioned in the Quran and the Ahadith used to pray and fast and we come to know this through the Quran and Ahadith.  
Those who seek the Guidance of God are the ones who establish prayers.
The believers do not approach Salaah or prayer in callousness or laz…

The Obligations

Giving everything its due value is Justice.  The word Haqq in Arabic denotes justice in giving the due importance and regard to people and things and the greatest Haqq is to give the Creator His credit by worshipping Him alone without associating partners.
Huququllaah and Huququl Ibad are the terms used to represent the rights of God and the Rights of people respectively. 

The opposite is Zulm.  When we don't give people or things their due rights or value and when we don't put things in their due places it is called zulm or Injustice. Every living being has its value. 
Not giving the Haqq is Zulm.
Huququllah or the Rights of the Creator 
Unless and until we acknowledge, understand and have firm belief in the Oneness of God and His Supremacy we can never realize how He should be obeyed and how he should be feared. The creatures have the obligation to know Who created them, where they have come from and to where they belong. They have the obligation to know and believe in the Creator…