Monday, May 18, 2015

The daily dose

Several medication pills on a spoon isolated against white background. This is the daily dosage of a an inhibitor course for HIV.

All praise is due to the Lord of the worlds the Almighty Allah and peace and blessings of Allah be upon the Final Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

Prayer is a very important part of Islam. It is the rememberance of the Creator and keeping in touch with Him. Muhammad peace be upon him used to say that Prayer is the coolness of his eyes.

Prayer is the way to Paradise. 
The more a person remembers Allah in his or her prayers and the more he prostrates, he is entitled and hopeful to enter the Paradise.

The victorious are the ones who establish prayer at the appointed time.

Prayer is the best way to adopt when one is going through tough times. It is said in the Quran that we should ask help by practising patience and establishing prayers. 

All the prophets mentioned in the Quran and the Ahadith used to pray and fast and we come to know this through the Quran and Ahadith.  

Those who seek the Guidance of God are the ones who establish prayers.

The believers do not approach Salaah or prayer in callousness or laziness.

Those who pray with careless ness and with show off are not successful in the Hereafter. 

Leaving the prayers are the ways of ignorant and misguided people.

These and many more reflections and facts found in the Quran and Ahadith of our beloved Prophet show us the importance of Prayers.
Prayer is the only thing that apparently differentiates between a believer and a non believer.

Establishing the daily prayers is like adorning oneself with the Grace of Allah and moving about in submission and obedience. 

It is like one has taken the daily dose of spiritual power and connection with the Creator. If one is conscious of the fact that one is just a creation of God, and always remembers Him, the best way to keep this in one's daily routine is through prayers.

We as Muslims are truly blessed to have a prescribed daily dose of prayers for us which no doubt instills amazing displine and humility. We are required to be clean in a particular way to prepare ourselves for the five daily prayers and there is nothing that we need while we perform the prayer, like some specific things that sometimes are required in various rituals of some cultures.

The rememberance of the Lord is in our hearts. We just rehearse His words and perform the whole action of the prayer the way our Prophet guided us to. One is required to utter the Words of the Creator and some supplications taught by the Prophet, peace be upon him. 

This daily dose is immensely helpful in making us spiritually healthy and continually connected to the Creator and it also has physical benefits. 

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