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The Repentance

All human beings are weak. They make mistakes and fall short in their moral and spiritual strengths. They slip, deviate and sin. This is purely human. All of us have heard the famous quote that says, "to err is human, to forgive divine". 
The only thing that makes any human superior over the other is the realization that he or she has sinned or made a mistake. Accepting one's mistake and taking the responsibility of one's sin is what makes him or her different. This does not mean that he or she needs to broadcast the sin or plunge into the guilt forever. It simply means that once the person realizes his sin he must look to rectify it and make amends. 

God has created the human beings and He is Ever Watchful over them. Whenever we fall into error it is God alone Who can save us from that lingering sense of guilt and shame and hold us and give us comfort through our repentance by pouring on us His Mercy and forgiveness

God loves those who repent. 

Many people sin and the…

Why one god?

Though I took up Humanities as the stream of my higher education but Science and Religion have always fascinated me. Humanities are academic disciplines that study human culture. (According to Wikipedia)
Humans in turn are one species and a similar creation in terms of their habitat on this earth. I have always wondered why this simple fact is not understood by many who are content on worshipping many gods that it is impossible for many gods to co-exist and create similar creations like humans, animals, plants and celestial bodies. If there were many gods then there wouldn't be such harmony in all that exists on the face of this earth or outside it. This is quite simple to understand. Many gods will surely have their hold and command on "their particular creation" and they would like to control it as they willed. They would not settle on co-existing and compromising with the other gods and their creations that are present in close co-ordination with their creation and if t…