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Beautiful Faith

A faith which is based on the concept of one godA faith that teaches pure worship of One God alone without associating any partners with HimA faith that wants its adherents to submit to none but the Creator of everything that existsA faith that wants its believers to focus and keep firm on their directionA faith that advocates purity both physical and spiritual, that commands the followers to be kind, forgiving, helpful, resourceful, supportive, creative, productive, honest, punctual, sincere and much moreA faith that trains its followers to keep connected to the source of their creation and never to forget their origin and their end by prescribing prayers five times a dayThe tenets of this faith help its followers to build a globally unified body and focussed community lifeThe requirements of the believers includes purification of their wealth annually which is called poor's dueA Faith that highly urges its believers to be considerated and supportive of the orphans, the poor and …

Philosophy of sharing

It was a pleasant day. She was in an energetic and positive mindset. For the past week she had been thinking of cooking something special for her family. She was not getting enough time to devote to the kitchen due to other activities. She was cooking the ordinary meals daily therefore it was the day! She felt quite happy that she got the time and energy to fulfill what she had been planning for so long. She prepared the dishes with all her heart and tasted them. They turned out to be perfect! She was too happy! She wanted to share the dishes with her friends and neighbours too. She sent her sons to the houses in her neighbourhood and to the house of her near relative to share the meals with them. What a feeling she had! 
You know why she shared what she cooked? She shared that only because it tasted great and because she had prepared it with so much effort and love. She wanted people she cared about to enjoy them and benefit from them. 
Suppose she had done all the efforts and the d…

Are you educated?

Education is not that which is displayed, printed on paper and later hung on the walls. It is displayed by our conduct that is printed on the hearts of people we deal with in our day to day life.

Education is the learning that helps us judge and handle situations in a better manner.
You tend to simplify the complexities. You become flexible and open minded and big hearted.
The thick glasses of prejudice, bias, partialities, hatred and superstitions tend to break as we gain knowledge and wisdom through education.

It is not just the lessons you read in the books, the lectures you attended and the marks that you got on your report cards. Education is what shows in your behaviour and way of thinking. If it did not change even after acquiring high degrees in any field then it is a moment of worry.

According to Wikipedia:

Education is the process of facilitating learningKnowledgeskillsvaluesbeliefs, and habits of a group of people are transferred to other people, through storytellin…