Thursday, October 29, 2015

Beautiful Faith

  • A faith which is based on the concept of one god
  • A faith that teaches pure worship of One God alone without associating any partners with Him
  • A faith that wants its adherents to submit to none but the Creator of everything that exists
  • A faith that wants its believers to focus and keep firm on their direction
  • A faith that advocates purity both physical and spiritual, that commands the followers to be kind, forgiving, helpful, resourceful, supportive, creative, productive, honest, punctual, sincere and much more
  • A faith that trains its followers to keep connected to the source of their creation and never to forget their origin and their end by prescribing prayers five times a day
  • The tenets of this faith help its followers to build a globally unified body and focussed community life
  • The requirements of the believers includes purification of their wealth annually which is called poor's due
  • A Faith that highly urges its believers to be considerated and supportive of the orphans, the poor and the needy
  • A Faith that cares for the rights and respect of women with specific laws and rules regarding them
  • A Faith that teaches tolerance, gentleness and wisdom even so that it has specific instructions regarding the slaughter of sacrificial animals so that it is both healthy for eating and easy on the animal
  • A Faith that guides you regarding each and every matter of life and even death
  • A Faith that does not let you enjoy only the blessings in this world but helps you prepare for the unlimited joys of Paradise....such a Faith is beautiful!

It does not leave you alone rather keeps guiding you through the Book of God and the teachings and wisdom of its Last Messenger. If anyone wants to taste the sweetness and beauty of the teachings of this Faith he or she must read the Quran with an impartial mind. The seeker should seek the Truth directly and with good intentions. God opens the mind and heart of whomsoever He wills to the Path of Guidance to the Path of Truth. He wants the people to utilize their intellect and free will to advance toward the Light and He draws them out from the darkness of ignorance to the Light of Guidance. 

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