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Reading Quran and Contemplation

Excerpt from Everyday Islam: An Easy and Peaceful Way of Life

Reading Quran and Contemplation: We spend most of our time earning our livelihood. Little do we realize that all that is with us is from Allah and all that we enjoy is nothing but Allah’s blessing. We must take some time out to read the book that Allah (SWT) sent to our last Prophet (peace by upon him) and try to comprehend what Allah has ordered us to do in His Book. We must try to acquire more and more knowledge of our religion and not remain ignorant and unmindful of Allah’s (SWT) commands. The book of Allah (SWT) is a guide for those who fear Allah and want to take the straight path. This book has some rights on us as Muslims. We must read it with attention, listen to it when it is being recited in prayers or otherwise, try to know it’s meaning and understand it and most importantly apply its teachings in our daily life. When our love for Allah (SWT) and His Messenger (SAW) surpasses all the other things then we are a…

O reassured soul!

After some gap, I am back with something profound. Something on which all of us must ponder every now and then. It is none other than death. Just recently a relative of mine has passed away. I was attached to her and felt very deeply about her. She was a beautiful person and a patient soul.  When those whom we are really close to, leave us and go away for ever, we tend to feel about the loss, the void and the reality of life even more deeply.  The matters of unseen are always a mystery. They take our imagination to destinations unknown. The time we mostly think about the roads untravelled is the time of someone's death. When a person living among us healthy and active suddenly leaves behind an eerie void that initially becomes uneasy to accept, we come to think of the place where he or she has gone to. Our imagination becomes quite foggy as well as limited. We can only feel that he or she is missing and can not actually make out his/her actual state at the moment. This is because…