Saturday, May 28, 2016

Reflections in Pain

Leaf Fallen

Dear readers, I am blogging after a long gap today! 
The past few months went quite eventful, thus busy. But I missed talking like this to you all. Life is never too smooth or steady. There are ups and downs and sometimes the jerks! But in any case, it offers you tremendous opportunities to learn new things, to reflect and to brush and polish yourself up. 

The past few months got me engaged in several things. I learnt to be more patient, more thoughtful and more kind. All this is learnt only when life throws at you something that is challenging for you and at the start you feel that you will find it quite difficult to go through. 

Things that keep you going smoothly throughout each phase are patience, restraint, unconditional love and kindness. When you put your ego behind you find love all around. 

It was not all that easy for me to be honest. I have a habit of preparing myself mentally when I come to know about some situation which seems difficult for me to handle. I try saying positive sentences to myself like, "It will be easy, everything will go smoothly..." etc. I select some prayers and keep on praying them continuously before, during and after that dreaded situation. And believe me, everything passes like a dream! 

After I was done with all that interaction and immense test of my potential as a good human being (which I still doubt!) I was introduced to some tests involving my physical being.

On a beautiful morning, I suddenly met some pain that insisted on being with me and spending time with me for -I do not know- how many days. This pain was indeed painful but as I said earlier, everything that we go through teach us something and help us meet new pinnacles of goodness and strength that we always doubt we have in us. 

I have always regarded all negative things like pain, hatred, jealousy, evil, failure, loss and many more like these, as teachers. Pain and all difficulties teach you patience. They teach you tolerance. Pain and all problems in life and challenges that you come across teach you wisdom. All these untoward incidents, illnesses, stuck up projects etc teach you that it is not just about you alone. You are simply a human being. You have limited powers. Pain teaches you reflection on your vulnerability. It opens the eyes to the fact that nothing can ever remain the same and that not everything bad that happens has all bad effects. 

Pain is beautiful if it puts off your ego, if it turns you around toward the One who has created you. Pain is a blessing if it makes you humble and teaches you kindness. 

Moreover, pain and difficulties let you realize that people are important. They should be valued. If you are in pain you know those who truly care. If they are in pain it is your chance to prove your love to them.

To sum it up, nothing that comes your way is worthless. If it's happiness it must teach you humility and gratefulness and if it's sorrow or pain it must teach you patience and perseverance. 

While in pain don't focus on what you are unable to do rather focus on what it has shown you that you could not see during wellness.

Pain is an integral part of life, accepting pain as a blessing and patience are an integral part of Wisdom.
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