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Reflections in Pain

Dear readers, I am blogging after a long gap today!  The past few months went quite eventful, thus busy. But I missed talking like this to you all. Life is never too smooth or steady. There are ups and downs and sometimes the jerks! But in any case, it offers you tremendous opportunities to learn new things, to reflect and to brush and polish yourself up. 
The past few months got me engaged in several things. I learnt to be more patient, more thoughtful and more kind. All this is learnt only when life throws at you something that is challenging for you and at the start you feel that you will find it quite difficult to go through. 
Things that keep you going smoothly throughout each phase are patience, restraint, unconditional love and kindness. When you put your ego behind you find love all around. 
It was not all that easy for me to be honest. I have a habit of preparing myself mentally when I come to know about some situation which seems difficult for me to handle. I try saying positive…