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What to do now?

Sometimes it seems that life has come to a dead-end. There's no way to go ahead or move back. But time never comes to a standstill though it may make you 'still' in shock.
At such moments just pause and think hard. Think inside silently. Peek inside your heart. Ask yourself where you are standing. Ask yourself what you can do to come out of this frozen moment. ‪‎Reflect‬. Do you need to ‪change‬ anything in yourself?
Do you need to seek ‪repentance‬?
Do you need to be more ‪grateful‬ to God?
Do you need to be more ‪humble‬?
Do you need to be ‪simple‬, less demanding?
Do you need to decrease your ‪wants‬?
Do you need to just look around and give a helping hand, ‪support‬, compassion or your time to listen to another person?
Do you need to shift your focus from this ‪world‬ to the ‪Hereafter‬?
Do you need to come closer to ‪‎God‬ Almighty, to His Book & His Commands? This will help you gain ‪wisdom‬ and insight. It will help you to face the hard moment with poise and cour…

A session with the Quran Teacher

Assalaamalaikum dear friends, today we had a session with Dr. Farhat Hashmi in our Madrasa in Jeddah. The topic was- what we learned from this Ramzan?
I noted down a few points from her talk and the interactive session for my benefit and here I am sharing them with the hope that they will be of some benefit to my sisters as well.
1- An intelligent person is the one who plans in advance. One should think about the coming year's Ramzan beforehand and plan it to make it more and more fruitful in every aspect.
2- An intelligent person not only learns from his successful experiences rather from his failures and weaknesses as well.
3- Taqwa or God Consciousness lies in the heart.
4- Make a list of whatever you used to do during Ramzan and try to continue it afterwards too.
5- Try to figure out where you slipped and where you lagged behind and find out the reasons for the same.
6- Find out the obstacles that came in performing good deeds. Some reasons might be genuine while others migh…

What matters most?

According to some people being religious is most important and in this venture they do not realize that religion has no meaning without kindness and humanity.
At the other hand, many people claim that only being a good human being is enough and religion has nothing to do with anything.

In both the above mentioned cases we can see the disbalance between spirituality and practicality, when in truth, religion is nothing but a beautiful balance of both.
When anyone focuses only on religion and forgets what he/she needs to do for his/her fellow beings and doesn't care about their suffering or pain, then it is nothing but extremism and unrealistic approach to religion.

The other approach focuses only on being a good human and serving the humanity, thus one completely disregards the need to recognize the importance of the One Who has Created us. We are not brainless naive creatures that we ponder on every iota of the worldly things and very conveniently forget the Creator Himself! This …