Monday, July 11, 2016

A session with the Quran Teacher

Assalaamalaikum dear friends, today we had a session with Dr. Farhat Hashmi in our Madrasa in Jeddah. The topic was- what we learned from this Ramzan?
I noted down a few points from her talk and the interactive session for my benefit and here I am sharing them with the hope that they will be of some benefit to my sisters as well.
1- An intelligent person is the one who plans in advance. One should think about the coming year's Ramzan beforehand and plan it to make it more and more fruitful in every aspect.
2- An intelligent person not only learns from his successful experiences rather from his failures and weaknesses as well.
3- Taqwa or God Consciousness lies in the heart.
4- Make a list of whatever you used to do during Ramzan and try to continue it afterwards too.
5- Try to figure out where you slipped and where you lagged behind and find out the reasons for the same.
6- Find out the obstacles that came in performing good deeds. Some reasons might be genuine while others might just be our laziness and lack of spirit.
7- Recitation of the Quran makes hearts soft and tender. It inspires you to do good deeds more as your Eman is raised to higher levels.
8- What triggered you to do more good deeds this Ramzan?
9- It does not take long to have high levels of Eman or for the Eman to drop to a lower level. She told the story of the Magicians at the time of Musa alayhissalaam to explain how just one incident changed their hearts and they accepted the call of Musa alayhissalaam.
10- Sila Rehmi (good relations with the kith and kin) also enhances the Eman to higher levels.
11- The reasons for obstacles in good deeds can be our own flaws, faults and sins. Reflect and ponder on your life and do much istighfar so that those mistakes are erased and Allah opens his doors of Mercy and forgiveness for you.
12- Analyse yourself whether this Ramzan brought more taqwa in your hearts or not or is it the same as it was before Ramzan.
13- Taqwa is to protect your eyes, ears, heart and mind etc from doing what Allah dislikes.
14- There is no better prescription than the Quran to cure the hearts. The best cure for the sick hearts is none but the Quran.
15- It is the only book that is not just recited individually but also read out every year in Taraweeh prayers.
16- Ramzan is a beautiful example of community worship.
17- It is human nature that when some sorrow or worries come one turns to someone close to share it. The closest to us is only Allah. He knows us inside out and He knows us the best. We must not turn to any person but turn to Allah to share our sorrows as He is the only One Who can remove them from us.
18- There is a reason for whatever worries you encounter. They come to teach you something. The pain and problems in our life come to get us closer to Allah.
19- A hypocrite never understands why those difficulties came in his life. But the attitude of a believer is different. A believer does not turn to people but he turns to Allah for the solution of his worries. You want money? Ask Allah directly. Can't He give? He has all the treasures of the Heavens and the Earth. He distributes them day and night even when we are sinning and disobedient. Ask only Allah.
20- Allah breaks you through people time and again to let you realize that people can do nothing for you. You just need to have Trust and Tawakkul in Him. Try calling Allah for every help you need. He will surely respond to your calls. Have Ikhlaas in Him.
21- Try to get more and more knowledge about Allah through the Quran where His beautiful names are mentioned. Highlight those in your copy of Quran.
22- Every problem has a solution.
23- Whatever happens is already written in Taqdeer or destiny. We should accept it as Allah's Will and never complain even if something really bad happens. There is something behind it that we can not see but Allah has all the knowledge of the Unseen.
24- Why do sadness and grief arise? Why do we have a complaining attitude? It is simply because there is conflict between the reality and the expectation. We do not accept the reality of things hence we complain when things do not happen our way.
25- Always supplicate for Aafiyah (wellness in every aspect).
26- If something happens against your will just take it as the Will of Allah. It might be that Allah wants to raise your levels.
Here I come to the end from my notes of this session. May Allah help us seek beneficial knowledge and help us to apply it to make our lives in this Duniya better and to have a better Aakhirah. aameen. 

Spiritually yours...(An interactive session with my Quran Teacher 2018-Jeddah)

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