Monday, July 18, 2016

What to do now?

Sometimes it seems that life has come to a dead-end. There's no way to go ahead or move back. But time never comes to a standstill though it may make you 'still' in shock.
At such moments just pause and think hard. Think inside silently. Peek inside your heart. Ask yourself where you are standing. Ask yourself what you can do to come out of this frozen moment.
Do you need to change‬ anything in yourself?
Do you need to seek repentance‬?
Do you need to be more grateful‬ to God?
Do you need to be more humble‬?
Do you need to be simple‬, less demanding?
Do you need to decrease your wants‬?
Do you need to just look around and give a helping hand, support‬, compassion or your time to listen to another person?
Do you need to shift your focus from this world‬ to the Hereafter‬?
Do you need to come closer to ‪‎God‬ Almighty, to His Book & His Commands?
This will help you gain wisdom‬ and insight. It will help you to face the hard moment with poise and courage, Faith‬ and Trust.
This will help you raise your children on great morals‬ and help your partner in his ‪‎struggle‬ with more conviction.
Reflect and change your mindset. Simplify‬ your life. Make things easy‬ for yourself and others.
Turn to Allah‬ for help and guidance‬.

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