Saturday, October 29, 2016

No Problem

It happens with each one of us. No one is spared from the problems and difficulties at some stage in life. One phase of life might pass like it was a bed of roses and suddenly something happens that changes the whole scenario. That same bed of roses is now packed with thorns and bushes. Difficulties and problems are difficult hence they are called least when we are facing them they seem to be the hardest things in life to face. But as soon as we learn to live with them or when fortunately they are solved or passed we do not feel that burden on our minds. This is human nature. He gets overwhelmed with all the emotions as they come and easily forgets the pains that he goes through when that phase is gone. This is good for him. If the person lingers in the painful moments then it is extremely unhealthy for him. Sometimes people are not able to lift themselves up from the painful past events and keep them fresh in their minds. This causes them a constant pain, sorrow and grief and as a result they are under continuous stress. Life is the name of moving on. It is something that grows. It is something that brings about change. Pain will come and difficulties will arise. The work that needs to be done is to either learn to adjust according to the nature of the problem or to try solving it. It takes time. No difficulty is easy to get rid of. It is your effort plus your mindset to change your sorrow into something that you can live with. Losses sometimes can not be retrieved. We have to live with this fact. Some problems can be dealt with intelligently seeking solution and taking steps practically in that direction. Just sitting and whining over the problem won't solve it anyway. 
So whenever we encounter problems in life we must keep this in mind: nothing stays forever, it passes. What one needs to do is to take action. Of course, it depends on the nature of the problem to see what sort of approach it requires to be solved or removed.
But one thing is might be in pain while the problem lasts but you also learn a lot from that situation. Your way of thinking can improve, your wisdom can increase, your problem solving skills can get polished and most of all you will have a golden lesson learnt from life.
When a problem leaves you with a good lesson and leaves you to become a better, humbler and more sober person then that problem is No Problem. 
Life teaches us lessons through these difficulties, trials and troubles. We are the students of life and it is an amazing teacher indeed.
Life throws challenges at you assuming you to be its intelligent, feeling and conscious student and so it demands that you act wisely whenever there are problems and difficulties at your disposal.
Intelligence is not just some score or the IQ points. Intelligence is the problem solving ability of the person. It is the presence of mind. Intelligence shows itself when the person has the tact to take various situations that come his way with calm, poise and courage.
Life is for those who are lively, who act and are responsive. 

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