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The Benefit of Belief

I was lying down to take some rest but my mind was far from the resting mode. It was being constantly visited by ideas, thoughts and conceptions. Various images were being flashed in my mind and I could not resist thinking upon this topic- Belief.
In my mind I got the images of those who represent a certain belief system and of those who are too open to all kinds of ideologies. The latter do not mind taking up everything that comes their way and it is acceptable to them, they take it conveniently and stay merry on their own accord. Commonly such people are viewed as very open-minded, liberal, secular and are given many such labels. On the other hand, those who adopt a certain lifestyle and try to live by it are not seen as common and simple people. Mostly people think that they are extraordinary, fundamentalists, extremists and many such words are used to describe them.
Let us not see this only in the context of religion. We can find people following a particular lifestyle and believ…