Monday, December 5, 2016

The Benefit of Belief

I was lying down to take some rest but my mind was far from the resting mode. It was being constantly visited by ideas, thoughts and conceptions. Various images were being flashed in my mind and I could not resist thinking upon this topic- Belief.
In my mind I got the images of those who represent a certain belief system and of those who are too open to all kinds of ideologies. The latter do not mind taking up everything that comes their way and it is acceptable to them, they take it conveniently and stay merry on their own accord. Commonly such people are viewed as very open-minded, liberal, secular and are given many such labels. On the other hand, those who adopt a certain lifestyle and try to live by it are not seen as common and simple people. Mostly people think that they are extraordinary, fundamentalists, extremists and many such words are used to describe them.
Let us not see this only in the context of religion. We can find people following a particular lifestyle and believe in it firmly and abide by it. They are truly people of discipline or we can also call them determinded and focused.
For example, due to their belief in certain way of life and in certain ideology some people take it up as a passion and they come to be recognized by it. This firm belief in whatever they do becomes their identity and hence it represents them and they are recognised by what they believe in and implement in their life. We can look at examples in a vast arena of beliefs like someone believes in generosity and takes it up as a great responsibility and his or her life revolves around it. Some dedicate their life on their belief on good health, so they are recognized as the gurus of a healthy lifestyle etc. Some people are focused on music or any other art form and they believe that it is their identity, their life and their goal to dedicate everything in its way.
Belief is actually something that gives direction.
Whatever you firmly believe in dictates your life and then your life is framed according to it.
In the case of religious belief too the same thing is present.
But if you take the other things apart from religion you come to realize that each and everything mentioned above like physical health, generosity, art forms etc. has an underlying set of rules and hence the believer in those rules tends to have this faith in them. If he has to learn music he has to follow certain pattern of learning and then he can become a good artist. In the case of health too one can not do it blindly without facts and proper knowledge and expertise.
What I am tying to put here is the fact that every belief has to have an underlying foundation. You do not believe anything until and unless you verify the facts. Blind belief is never substantial. It has to be based on facts which makes it a solid ground to build your belief on. This then becomes unshaky and you never have to worry about becoming confused or double minded as to carry on with the belief or not.
The same goes for religious belief.
As far as Islam is concerned it is based on a clear proof and all its facts can be verified in History. The living miracle because of which Islam is firmly rooted in the hearts of its followers is The Noble Quran. Those who do not know much about the Quran can find out that it is the Revelation sent down upon the Last Prophet of Islam Muhammad peace be upon him. Since its revelation more than 1400 years ago it is still in the same condition in the context of its wording and message. Many researchers have tried to find out discrepancies and contradictions in the Quran but they have ended up believing it the scientific facts that this noble book presents to all the Humanity.
Quran was not revealed just for the Muslims rather it is a book for the guidance of whole of Mankind.
When belief is grounded on solid proofs and verifiable facts then this belief is with you, deep inside your heart and it remains with you till you breathe your last.
Morever when you have the conviction and a strong belief in something and you are more than confident about what you are believing in and why you do not keep it to yourself. You love to pass it on and you like everyone to know about the Truth.
God is not just for those who belong to any particular faith. God is the Creator of each and everyone of us. It is our duty as His Creatures to spread His Message to all. The topic of the Quran is mainly the Human Being and its message is mainly to Worship the One and Only God and not to worship any false gods. 

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