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The Big Question

The big question is why? Why in the whole world only one religion and its followers and its tenets are being targeted? Why every other ideology, religion and system is no threat to anybody but when it comes to Islam it is being presented in the most negative light by not just the media but even by other authorities? Why people readily listen to anything even if it is some meaningless rap but when they are told to listen to or read the Quran they feel offended? Why over the globe only the followers of Islam are being targeted, be it the issue of hijab, mosques, prayer call, beard or their struggle for their rights as citizens? Why no body questions the authenticity of the ideoligies presented by others as just theories? Why is there such blind following of non sense and no body bothering to look into that but such hurried opinions over issues that have complete authentication and historical and divine proofs?
Why doesn't anyone bother to challenge and raise the voices against the …