Monday, May 1, 2017

The Big Question

The big question is why? Why in the whole world only one religion and its followers and its tenets are being targeted? Why every other ideology, religion and system is no threat to anybody but when it comes to Islam it is being presented in the most negative light by not just the media but even by other authorities? Why people readily listen to anything even if it is some meaningless rap but when they are told to listen to or read the Quran they feel offended? Why over the globe only the followers of Islam are being targeted, be it the issue of hijab, mosques, prayer call, beard or their struggle for their rights as citizens? Why no body questions the authenticity of the ideoligies presented by others as just theories? Why is there such blind following of non sense and no body bothering to look into that but such hurried opinions over issues that have complete authentication and historical and divine proofs?
Why doesn't anyone bother to challenge and raise the voices against the weird rituals and customs carried on in the name of belief and faith although such traditions clearly harm the society, the women and children and the animals too!?

I was trying to read about the various practices that take place in India in the name of religion and I came across numerous examples. Even in Christianity, Judaism, Jainism, Buddhism they have unbelievable customs and traditions which are being carried out very conveniently and there is no amount of threat to their existence. Some practices are carried out in the name of culture and without any fact or proof they are maintained with surprising ease and fearlessness. If you want to have a look at some of the awkward things found just in India you can visit the link below:

My big question still remains: Why Islam? Why has it been distorted and mispresented to the world? The teachings of Islam are crystal clear if you read the Quran and the Life of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and learn direct from the sources. Do not judge the book without even looking at its cover! Do not judge Islam by looking at Muslims alone. They are not representing Islam as it should be. They are not completely and correctly following it many times! I agree this is a fault on our part. But there are many around who are there as the standard bearers of Islam. They are trying to represent Islam in the most correct way.

Why is adhering to the faith you proclaim is considered undesirable and living like someone who is open to everything considered being liberal? Why on earth then you proclaim some ideology or faith when you do not want to own its principles and values? What makes you a Muslim, a Christian or a Hindu, or a Sikh if you do not follow what your religion says? Is it limited to just your name?
Why a religion with a crystal clear history and a Book which has not doubt in its divinity rejected and hated so easily by many people even without taking a step ahead to know what actually the truth is?

The answer is not as complicated as the question.

The adherent of this religion have not made the required efforts to present its real picture to the world. Many are doing this work but still the message has not being conveyed satisfactorily. Many youth are just wasting their time on the net and are unaware of their own faith. Abusive languange, taking revenge and arguments have become a common practice. Islam does not teach all this. It is a religion that teaches forbearance and dealing with wisdom and patience even with those who differ from you. It is not a fight or competition as to who wins or who is right. It is a struggle to dye your heart in the colour of Truth and throw away the robe of falsehood and lies. It is the time people leave behind the prejudices and at least listen to or read what Islam actually is. The responsibility is in the hands of Muslims. They need to present Islam in the best manner through their good conduct. The Quran is not just a Book it is indeed the speech of the Creator. People tend to believe in all the weird things so easily but when it comes to truth they hesitate.

Every human has been created on the natural instinct that is the yearning for truth and the only truth is that there is only one God. Every soul has been created upon this nature. The soul has this thirst to know who created it and what is the purpose of it being here. People wander here and there in search of truth but they do not find solace because this need of the soul is not met. No other entity except the one true God can give this peace to the yearning heart. Islam calls towards this success. Islam is a call toward the worshipping of the true Creator and not assigning anyone or anything else that status.

Can we imagine anything that resembles us or that resembles any animal or object to be our Creator?
Can you imagine an ipad looking like person to be the inventor of the ipad? : ) weird example I know!

Is the Creator not capable of being self sufficient? He has created the earth and the skies and put everything on it and sent the human beings. He created the life and death to see who is best in deed. He created us to worship Him alone. If we do not worship Him He is not in loss only we are the ones who can suffer the loss. He is the Originator and the Creator and the Master of everything.

The big question revisited: why such a simple religion that has only One God a matter of discomfort for the people who believe in what not. I do not want to sound offensive to other ideoligies but my point is just this; Islam propagates monotheism, it has one clear Book which defines the laws and gives guidelines to live a successful life and build an everlastingly successful Hereafter, it helps its followers utilize the bounties of the Creator and asks them to spread the Message of Truth; why then it is the most chased after faith?

Are you curious to know? I would recommend you to read a good translation of the Quran in your language with a clear heart and mind and Allah willing, you will understand the big question and hopefully get the simple answer to it!

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