Wednesday, October 31, 2018

The Musk Seller: A good friend, a great teacher.

Narrated Abu Musa:
Allah's Messenger (صلى الله عليه و سلم) said, 
"The example of a good companion (who sits with you) in comparison with a bad one, is like that of the musk seller and the blacksmith's bellows (or furnace); from the first you would either buy musk or enjoy its good smell while the bellows would either burn your clothes or your house, or you get a bad nasty smell thereof." 
Sahih Bukhari 2101 
Beautiful relationships and friendships always fascinate me. I cherish and value good friends. The best of friendships are formed based on mutual trust and understanding. The best of friendships emerge from the best form of love, the Love of Allah. Friends who are together for the sake of Allah and His Book are the best of friends. This kind of friendship does not involve any other motive apart from loving each other just for the sake of Allah. Such friendships are not only long lasting rather they are everlasting. This is so because good friends remind you of Allah and keep you in constant remembrance of Him. They become the reason for you being on the Path of Truth. The fragrance of a good friend lasts forever. She might part with you due to some reason in this world but she leaves a pleasant aroma in your thoughts and in your heart whenever you think of her and remember her ways, her words and her actions. 

This world is a place of separation. No one lives with his or her loved ones forever. Due to some reason or the other we part with each other. One might part with a good friend physically but the spiritual bond with her lasts forever, Allah willing. 

Friendships and relationships especially between students and teachers are very powerful. You might remember your first grade teacher till date just because of her polite way of dealing with you. You might remember a class mate just because of one sentence that she said to you that had an everlasting impact on your life, in a positive way. 

Today, in my institution a very dear teacher, Teacher Asima,  gave us a farewell talk. She has been in Saudi Arabia for almost 30 years and now she is parting with us. She teaches the correct way of learning the Quran called Tajweed. She shares a beautiful friendship with another teacher from our institution. They have been together for many years running this institute, teaching the Quran and other subjects to thousands of ladies here in Saudi Arabia. Her talk was very very positive, motivating and inspiring. I thought of composing this post so that all the readers should take the gems and benefit from her talk. 

First of all what affected me the most was her positive approach on this change of phase in her life. She praised Allah the almighty saying that she is thankful to Him for everything in her life. She took this change in her life in a very cheerful manner and said that we should accept changes in our life saying that they are the Will of Allah. We should not complain over things that happen in life. She also emphasized on the fact that nothing is going to stay forever. This shifting from one place to another is just one reminder that one day we are going to part with this world as well. The preparation that she was doing for this journey from one country to another also involved the management of the material things that she has in her house. She told us that while disposing and managing her material possessions she thinks about the real things that we need while departing to the Next world. We should not collect too many useless material things that would later become a burden to those we leave behind. To the students of the institute she said very encouraging words. 

🌹She told us to give ourselves the value as we are the students of the Quran, the Book of Allah. It is no ordinary thing so we should learn to value ourselves. 

🌹The path of knowledge is the path to Jannah (Paradise).

🌹She advised us to give the Quran its rights:

🌹Read it daily

🌹Ponder on its signs

🌹Try to find something for yourself from the ayahs (the verses)

🌹Try to figure out what you learn from that particular verse, and now that you have learnt it how you need to react in different situations in life.

🌹Try to give the rights of the Quran

🌹Always be thankful that Allah has given you the chance to stay in this country where you had the chance to learn the Quran, the correct aqeedah. 

🌹Keep praying that Allah does not waste your capabilities wherever you go. Whether you stay here or go to your home country you should be thankful to Allah in all circumstances. 

🌹When you go back to your home country the people there will notice your manners in the light of the fact that you have come after learning the Quran. Therefore, it should be seen in your character and in your manners.

🌹We intended to pursue the knowledge for changing our life for good. Real knowledge is that which shows in your actions. 

Very beautifully she mentioned that 
🌹the Knowledge of the Quran is a light that will not let you stumble in life. Keep this light with you always. Never let this light go away from you. 

🌹This Book, Al Quran is a very noble and blessed book. When you will spread it, it will show you its fruits and its blessings in your life. When you will pay attention you will find that Allah will make way for you and make things easy for you just because of the blessing of this Book. 

🌹She also advised us not to become those who cry and complain. We should be strong and determined. We have a lot of potential to achieve many things. We can do a lot of things in life. 

🌹As the students of Quran we must learn to become the people of understanding (ulul albaab) 

🌹This world is indeed a place of parting. We should focus on what we are collecting as our luggage for the Hereafter and what we are leaving behind.

🌹There is no need to feel sad and remain sad, rather we should see how fruitful our stay in this world can be for us and others around us. 

🌹The reason we come to learn the Quran is to bring the teachings of the Quran into our lives.

It was a very emotional as well as spiritually refreshing talk.
I pray that Allah Almighty make her journey a blessed one and she brings goodness wherever she stays. 

💓Teachers are always very inspiring and encouraging to their students. We are blessed to have such amazing teachers in our life.

May Allah bless all the teachers! 💓

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